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ABOUT SEASICK (Credits to Cap. Chunder, AKA Turbo, of The Noob spearo site) Seasickness depends on the individual and the conditions of the sea the day you go fishing. Is something that no one can´t control, but here is some follow up tips: - If you do not know if you get seasick or if you are not used to the open ocean, take a commercial motion sickness medication (Like Dramamine) or use the wrist bands or patches that go behind the ear. They work better if you take/use them a couple of hours be the departure. - Focus on the horizon or land. Nothing gets you sick faster than being head down. - Stay on the open part of the boat and get fresh air. Stay away from the fumes of the engine. - Stay positive and don´t focus on getting sick. - Avoid tequila the night before.
 If you notice the early signs of getting sick or If you already feel bad, drink water and take a nap on the shade area of the boat. If you need to vomit, do it over the side of the boat, don´t go inside the boat (bathroom) because is going to be worst for you. WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE FISH THAT WE CATCH? -All billfish caught are released unless you want to mount them. Then we bring them in, take measures, pictures and the taxidermy company will start the process of building the trophy. -With the edible fish you decide what to do, if you want to take it the crew will gladly cut, clean and pack it for you. Is very important to listen the crew about which species are good for eat and which are not. -Otherwise you can leave at the dock and again we will eat fresh fish for the dinner. ABOUT FOOD POISON. It is always wise to hear the crew’s advice about what fish is good for eat and which one is not. The toxic fish is relative rare, but in the tropical waters of Cancun, some species like barracudas may carried a bacteria called “Ciguatera”. Is very hard to which fish acquire the toxin, that is why we don´t recommend you to take this fish for eat. If you eat a fish with “Cigua”, is a straight trip for the hospital for 3 or 4 days. To avoid any misunderstood, we eat barracuda a (specially on ceviche dish), but we are willing to take this risk. Other species like amberjacks, wahoos, groupers and mahis may have worms inside the meat, but with a few cuts on the meat we can check it if is good or not. CAN I TAKE FISH BACK TO THE U.S. IN AN ICE CHEST? From the experience of our clients, we heard 2 opposite things: 1. It was really easy, they freeze the fish until their flight and they declare it and nothing happened with the Mexican airport authorities, airline workers and neither with the Americans customs. 2. It was a nightmare, starting at Cancun Airport. A lot of problems with the airline workers as well delays on arrival in the U.S. while the baggage is checked. Since security has been tightened at all airports worldwide the airlines no longer accept Styrofoam ice chest, and securing dry ice in Cancun will cost time, money and effort. The worst thing I heard was from a client who was forced to dump around 60 pounds of tuna at Cancun´s airport. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE WEATHER IS BAD? With these issues the safety comes first. We never risk our clients. If the forecast looks pretty bad we will contact you the night before the trip, with the idea of reschedule (if possible) or to cancel the trip. If the forecast shows nothing clear and the day of your trip the weather looks bad or doubtful, we will contact the Harbour Master by VHF radio. Normally he let us know around 7:30 am the current conditions. If he give us green light, we go. If not, we cancel the trip or reschedule. If any payment or deposit given, we will refund it 100%.

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